Need help developing and creating projects, click Here for the Student Project Handbook. 


1. Brainstorm - Identify a topic that is interesting to you, something you want to learn more about. Once you have a topic you want to know more about, start developing questions you want to answer.

Need some new project ideas?  

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2. Proposal - Create your project proposal. Work with your advisor to fine tune your project questions and identify a list of tasks you’ll need to complete to finish your project. During this step, you’ll also need to identify the final products you will make to demonstrate your learning. When you finish your proposal meet with your advisor to get final approval. 


3. Work - Get to work on your project! Research, write, interview, do! Check in with your advisor and be sure to ask for assistance when you need it.

         Need helping finding research sources?

             Check out Research Gate HERE. 

             Check out Google Scholar HERE. 

             Do you need help editing your writing?  Use

             Need help with your typing skills?  Practice HERE.

             The Electronic Library for Minnesota provides reputable and respected resources of information HERE.

4. Finish - Put together your final product and evidence of learning. Revise what needs to be revised, polish your presentation, or finish tightening the nuts and bolts on your catapult. Meet with your advisor again to evaluate the project results together.

           Need help coming up with an evidence of learning?

           Check out Tagos' School List HERE. 


           Do you want to animate and build coding skills?  Try Scratch HERE.


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