PBL Resources

Is your advisor trying to get you outside of Google and Wikipedia? Try the site below! This will allow you to search by topic, read full articles, and even limit your search results based on your reading level. http://www.elm4you.org/  

Need to talk to a librarian? How about plan your task list more accurately? Want to find pictures or library books that can help you? Go here! All you need to use this website is a library card from ANYWHERE in Minnesota! http://www.mnknows.org/

Not sure what kind of final product to produce? These websites have two great lists!

The following is a list of online apps and Chrome extensions that can help support project-based learning. These tools are very similar to productivity tools used on the Mac or PC.

Google Drive

Google Drive is a suite of tools that makes the Chromebook a viable alternative to conventional laptops.  It is similar to Microsoft Office but being online gives it some collaborative features not possible with desktop software.  It also serves as an online storage for any type of file.


Pixlr is very similar to Adobe Photoshop Elements. It is free and online.  It allows you to open images and save them directly to many online platforms including Google Drive and Facebook.


WEVIDEO is a web app that allows you to edit video. It functions much like iMovie or Windows Movie Maker.  It allows you to publish your videos directly to many online platforms including Vimeo and YouTube.


Snagit is a Chrome extension that allows you to record screencasts using your Chromebook.  It is very similar to tools like Camtasia Studio.


Strut is an online app written in HTML5 so it will work on any device.  It is more robust than Google Slides and is very much like Microsoft PowerPoint.


3DTin is an online 3D modeling program.  It is similar to programs like Google Sketchup or Blender but will work on your Chromebook.  It also has built-in software that will render your models in the format they need to be for 3D printing.


TwistedWave is an online audio editor that lets you build up tracks in layers very similar to programs like Audacity.


Gliffy is a great online tool for making diagrams, flowcharts, or just brainstorming ideas.


Bitstrips is a online tool that lets you easily build comic strips.  If you have a Facebook account you can easily post your comics there. Otherwise you can take screenshots of your work by holding down ctrl and pressing the windows button.


Popplet is a diagramming tool that is great for presenting an idea or brainstorming.  It lets you upload your own photos as well as add videos from YouTube.


Lulu is a self-publishing company where you can upload your own documents and turn them into beautiful professionally published books or eBooks. You can even sell your work on Lulu.com or Amazon.

ScanQR is a Chrome Extension that lets you scan QR codes on your laptop or Chromebook.

Digital Backpack

The Digital Backpack is a directory of hundreds of free free tools that can help support project-based learning. Many of these tools will work on your Chromebook.

DREAM Technical Academy

Moving From Dreams to Reality at Technical Academies of Minnesota

Looking for something different from your education? Want to be in the driver's seat of your education? Want to learn about things that are relevant to you and that allow you to follow your passions? DREAM Technical Academy is a tuition free, 7th - 12th grade public charter school located in Willmar, Minnesota. DREAM offers a small learning environment of no more than 150 students in multi-age advisories. Students at DREAM utilize individualized project-based learning to meet the state standards and requirements for graduation. Upon graduation, students receive a traditional high school diploma before they embark on their next journey.

DREAM Technical Academy | 1705 16th Street Northeast, Willmar, MN, 56201, United States