What is a charter school?

A charter school is a school system that is overseen by an authorizer. DREAM Technical Academy is authorized by Innovative Quality Schools (IQS), visit www.iqsmn.org for more information. 

Does DREAM charge tution fees?

No. DREAM Technical Academy is a free, public charter school open to all students of the state of Minnesota. 

Project-based learning (PBL) is built on the idea that there are better ways for some students to learn and grow. The focus of PBL is to help shape students into self-reliant learners with a mastery of 21st century skills. Advisors work alongside students to aid them in the learning process and encourage them to focus on what sparks interest or questions. Instead of the students being compared to a number, students are awarded credit based on their ability level, the quality of their project, and the amount of time they spent on the project. 

What is project-based learning?

Do graduates receive a diploma? 

Yes, upon graduation, DREAM graduates receive a traditional high school diploma before continuing on their life's journey.

Click on the "Apply Here" button on the home page to tell us a little bit about yourself and then someone will be in contact to set-up a tour with you.

How do I start? 

DREAM partners with Community Christian School in Willmar, so students are able to participate in their athletics. 

What sports are available to DREAM students?