DREAM Technical Academy seeks an energetic and self-motivated Paraprofessional who is interested in providing assistance to students with special needs to ensure that learning is maximized.

Key Responsibilities

- Works with individual students or small groups of students to maximize learning

- Assists the certified staff in devising special strategies for reinforcing

learning based on an understanding of individual students, their needs, interests, and abilities

- Performs clerical and instructional duties as assigned by the certified staff

- Alerts the certified staff to any problem or special information about an individual student.

- Performs assigned supervision of students during lunch periods and on field trips.

- Performs assigned non-instructional classroom duties, such as toileting, and clothing routines.

- When requested, serves as a resource person to the General Education Intervention Team and/or IEP / Title 1 / ESL Team(s).

- Demonstrates ethical behavior and confidentiality of information about students in school environment and community.

- Participates in in-service training programs as approved.

- Maintains safe working environment and encourages colleagues to be safety minded in the performance of all school-related duties.

- Performs other such duties / assignments as directed by the certified staff.

- Assists as directed by certified staff in the effort to successfully maintain students with special needs in an integrated setting, as determined by the IEP / Title 1 / ESL Team(s).

Preferred Skills

-       Knowledge of child development

-       Build relationships with students

-       Flexible and patient

-       A team builder


Required:  AA Degree, AS Degree, 2 yrs. of Post-Secondary Education (60 semester credits) or a passing score on Paraprofessional Assessment Test.

To Apply

Please submit a cover letter, resume, and three letters of reference to Jaime Larson, Convener at jlarson@technicalacademies.org  For more information, please email or call(320) 444-8209.  Positions opened until filled.  

DREAM Technical Academy is an equal opportunity employer.